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Urban Survival: Tips and guidance

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During an acute situation or disaster, there will likely notĀ be the convenience of modern facilities such as electricity, cooking gas, and purified water. If you have planned for a wild vacation or at work in extensive geographical conditions, then you should learn basics of urban survival. Some real examples are the survivor of hurricanes, snowstorms and terrorist threats who have made understand the routine during such unexpected and uninvited conditions. Let us discuss few tips required for urban survival:

  1. Evacuate the place quickly before the routes are clogged or blocked

ht_walking_dead_town_jtm_150302_12x5_1600The first smart step is to move from the affected area fast before the same idea strikes into another person so that you can get a free highway passing route instead of hopeless jams. Also before exit, please ensure:

  • The luggage is packed and easy to access
  • The persons involved in your plan of evacuation are fully ready to leave with you
  • If decided to move then don’t wait for others to agree, just be a survivor and walk out
  1. Make yourself a Grey woman or man

adventureTry to be simple and get yourself mix with the crowd instead of looking unique. Being grey is to skip from the undue attention by the group. To become a grey person you have to follow some rules:

  • Wearing of simple clothes
  • No logos should be inscribed in your caps or clothes or bags
  • Never reveal your belongings in front of others in which you have water, food and survival kits.
  • Avoid eye contacts with others
  1. Prepare yourself for hazards due to environment

The landscapes in today’s era are highly dangerous and result in demolishing of huge buildings and the blocks of broken asbestos, and robust dust of broken glass can take you towards death. So during urban survivalĀ keep your backpack equipped with protective gears to move during such hazards smoothly. You have to be prepared for all the unwanted conditions arising near you.

The first protection should be your tough material shoes, thickly stitched pants and full sleeves cloth which will cover you from heat burns, hard road surfaces, and toxic smokes. Some add on protecting gears are:

  • Eye gears of high quality
  • Masks or inhalers to save the respiratory system
  • Gloves for protecting hands in below minus degree temperatures
  • Skills to purify water

urban survivalIndeed water is the most important thing in urban survival because you never know what kind of water you will get to drink or you have to make sources to dig water? Be prepared with the kit if you have to bore a well around the place or a city you are going to live because you have to quench your thirst anyhow. Learn in advance the ways of purifying contaminated water without gas and electricity.

  1. Carrying medical aids

For sudden headaches or body pains keep medicines with you. Also take a first aid box in which treatment for cuts, wounds, burns and aches are available with you to hold the environmental disaster unless you get a nursing hospital or a doctor.